Vipre enterprise stuck updating defs

Rebooting them did seem to resolve the issue ..checking if anyone else is using Vipre and noticed any issues / know if there was a reason?

By default VIPRE will automatically check for updated definitions every 30 minutes.

We are having all kinds of problems with getting this software installed and deployed.

I have computers where the microinstaller install failed and you can't get it to install ( microinstaller is a bad idea if you do not have a full MSI client build option).

Download the latest definition release from this website: 2.

VIPRE by default will automatically update definitions every 30 minutes.

The update frequency can be changed to fit your computing needs.

Some internet connections are less stable than others and can cause the definition package to be corrupted during the download.

In this case, the definitions need to be downloaded manually to your PC: Definition update interval is too infrequent If you do not leave your computer on for extended periods of time, your update interval may be set to a setting that is too infrequent.

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