Updating windows 7 phone software

Now we are coming to the trickiest part of this process.

You must to check the Update through Zune (Settings – Update), but after that you must to disconnect your computer from the internet after 2-3 seconds.

It offers lots of new features including Cortana, a new digital voice assistant that sounds a good deal more advanced than the i Phone’s Siri.

However, you can’t simply download the software if you’re an average person with, for example, a Nokia Lumia 925 phone.

The new features in version 1.3.1 should be welcomed by anyone rocking Windows Phone 8.1 and needing to save their phone.

Have you used Nokia Software Recovery Tool to bring your Lumia back from the dead?

Entering the Android environment late, we knew we would have a hard time differentiating." While Nokia would have had more long-term creative control with Android (note that Mee Go as used by Nokia resembles Android more than it does Windows Phone 7 as both Android and Mee Go are based on the Linux kernel), Elop enjoyed familiarity with his past company where he had been a top executive.

Jo Harlow, whom Elop tapped to run Nokia's smartphone business, rearranged her team to match the structure led by Microsoft's VP of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool is a desktop application that allows you to reset and recovery your phone. If you already have the software installed you’ll see a prompt to update when you next open it.

Previously your phone would have the Amber firmware when using the Nokia Software Recovery tool.

Now we’re hearing that Lumia Black is available on your handset when using this tool to help your phone.

It’s useful for anytime you’re experiencing major software problems and need to reset an unresponsive phone. Download it for the first time and you’ll get a little message letting you know what’s new in this version.

Here’s what Microsoft has added to the update: We’ve heard from a few of you that the update now includes the latest firmware for your Nokia handset.

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