Updating liveupdate

This system is always enabled, it is impossible to disable it.The terminal checks for new versions of the program when it connects to the server.

You wish to manually update this internal LUA 2.x server from another LUA 2.x server in a DMZ ("external server") using a CDROM, USB drive, flash drive or similar media.

Question: Where can you get Virus Defs files (VDB/JDB) that you can drop on a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager's incoming directory?

When the version of Live Update that is currently installed is not the version that ships with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), this can cause Live Update to not function correctly for Endpoint Protection clients or Endpoint Protection Manager.

Downloaded updates are available for all terminals, the updates are not re-downloaded for other instances of terminals.

If the UAC (User Account Control) system is enabled on the computer or the user does not have sufficient rights in th OS, a window requesting confirmation/increase of the user's permissions will be shown at the attempt to update.

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