Updating apache server live

LUA is an enterprise web application that lets you manage Symantec updates on an internal Live Update (LU) server.

LUA can be configured to download content for various products such as SEP, DCS, SMS, SPE, etc.

Mod_status is an Apache module that displays a web page containing statistics about the web server’s current state including worker processes and active connections.

It helps to monitor web server load with an HTML interface via a web browser.

It is one of the most helpful and easiest modules to configure when you install Apache on Ubuntu. The above configuration is only for the default Apache website.

If you have created one or more websites (Virtual Hosts), then the above configuration won’t work.

And with that notion in mind, this guide aims to assist mac OS Sierra users in having Apache up and running with minimal fuss.

Note: as of writing, mac OS Sierra currently ships with Apache 2.4.23.

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In this example let’s configure the Apache default virtual host for You will see something like the above page that will give you information of your Apache server’s performance and load.

When the installation completes, the Apache Tomcat Web server and Postgre SQL database server are also installed.

The LUA Apache Tomcat and LUA Postgre SQL services are installed and started so that LUA is ready to. Scheduling Distribution After you've downloaded your updates, they can be sent to either a testing distribution server, or published to a production distribution server where they can be downloaded by your Live Update clients.

user name on your Mac, where ever there are instances of code using the placeholder of “username”.

This step is highlighted several times throughout the guide and is critical that it’s adhered to in order for things to work.

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