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We asked Coleman to tell us 10 things that give us a sense of who he is, and the life he’s been leading.

I went to Carter High School in Dallas, which is famous for producing football players who end up in the NFL.

This is a great summer evening event on Saturday, August 19 from 7-11 pm.

A limited amount of tickets and sponsorship are still available by contacting me at [email protected] visiting events.thecentersd.org/casino2017.

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The UC San Diego Pep Band played lively music to accompany the suspenseful drop.

In just two short weeks guests will be gathering at a beautiful estate in Rancho Santa Fe for the 3rd annual Casino Night.

The evening is always a fun-filled night with mock gaming tables throughout. There’s plenty more to do with live music, dancing, a wonderful array of food, drinks, and a spectacular bourbon bar with rare and hard to find spirits.

Coleman, 34, develops “epidermal electronics,” thin, wireless, wearable sensors that researchers believe will soon be used for everything from monitoring a person’s heartbeat to studying brain activity.

The sensors, which resemble tattoos, are light, flexible and durable, making them a potential alternative to some of the cumbersome sensors people now wear.

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