Sex role playing chatbot

When asked whether President-Elect Donald Trump is racist, Zo replied "that kinda language is just not a good look," with an "OK" emoji.

Asked if Hillary Clinton is a crook, Zo said, "Maybe you missed that memo but politics is something you're not supposed to casually discuss." The bot wouldn't talk about Brexit or Black Lives Matter either.

The most impressive thing about Bruce is that he’s thought more deeply about conversational interfaces than almost any other engineer and scientist in the world, and has built some really neat ones.Developers are likely to make some common mistakes when building their chatbot, which can undermine the user experience.The last thing you want is a user who is frustrated by the experience because the bot doesn’t understand what they are asking or who is creeped out because the bot says strange things.Chatbots help these companies improve software that understands natural speech, while building a foundation for more natural and powerful interaction between humans and computers.The origin of the pickle is safer territory than Microsoft's Tay chatbot trod.

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