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A few blocks away, a gang of homeless boys had started hustling, sidling up to European visitors, hands outstretched, asking for money.The number of street children abandoned by their parents and living by their wits has increased in Nairobi and other major sub-Saharan cities in recent years, a product of the breakdown of the extended families and village culture that were pillars of African life.Mostly they are picked up in ones and twos but, occasionally, there is a full-scale swoop.There was one the other day but everyone in Joseph's group managed to escape.‘Wasia na Getrude is a talk show hosted by sex and lifestyle specialist Getrude Mungai which touches on day to day issues regarding sex and relationships.The show focuses on sexual issues and it speaks to ladies, particularly targeting married women.By some estimates, 50,000 children roam this city's streets, often because their parents cannot afford the fees at Government schools.

By the time he was released two and a half months later, he had suffered serious mental and physical abuse.They know what fate awaits them if they are caught and charged with vagrancy.So far, Joseph, aged 17, has spent only one period in detention but he says it was the worst experience of his life.While Jenner's book deals with serious, personal matters, many other stars—like Jon Cryer, Tina Fey and Amy Schumer—find humor in the darkest of chapters. News highlights some of the wildest and silliest stories from 33 celebrity memoirs:1. "No one in Los Angeles had any idea that I had completely split from myself and become another entity inside called Celestia.Caitlyn Jenner, (2017)The Olympic gold medalist reveals she has undergone gender confirmation surgery. I am also tired of tucking in the damn thing all the time," she writes. No one could tell from the way I walked or talked that I was from the fourth dimension.

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