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But what D'Acampo does share with his countrymen is an evangelical zeal for his homeland's culinary traditions.Rodents aside, D'Acampo enjoys vaunting his Italian obsession with fresh, market-bought ingredients, a lack of fatty creams and oils in their food, and moderately sized portions.

From then on, the Kingdom of Italy had traded and set up large tracts of farm land up to the borders with Ethiopia.

While the book suggests that living like an Italian – enjoying the experience of filling your shopping bag with the best ingredients, for example – will revolutionise your life, benefits are more likely to be seen in D'Acampo's replacement of traditional ingredients, such as the mascarpone cheese in tiramisu, with lower-fat alternatives such as greek yogurt.

In that recipe, for example, he hopes to halve our calorie intake, from around 400 down to 200 per serving.

There was a subsequent exchange of ideas, farming techniques, education and technology between the Italians and Ethiopians during most of this period, including transportation—most notably the Italian engineers who helped to architect an build the aqueducts and rail system for Ethiopia's railway system from the new capital, Addis Ababa to then French controlled Djibouti port.

However, the relationship was often marked by the fact that under various treaties written in both Amharic and Italian, the Italian version always referred to Ethiopia as a protectorate of Italy.

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