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Many ethnographically documented bead working traditions exclusively use unmodified beads or minimally modified elements of the natural word (feathers, shells, bone, teeth…).Marine shells were used as personal ornaments in North and South Africa and in the Near East beginning with the MSA of the last interglacial.Far from the ghoulish critter of old time lore, Krampus, these days, is likely to arrive in the form of a family friend who drops by in costume to query kids on their behavior, or to parade the street with other Krampus lookalikes.“I am not afraid of the Krampus,” says one local boy I chatted with as he devoured a Krampus-shaped gingerbread cookie.There are no naughty children in Innsbruck, Austria. The furry, horned creature is said to roam the streets of this one-time imperial city just once a year—on Dec. And while his presence still heralds the official start of the Christmas season in Austria, like it has for decades, the Krampus has transformed a bit. Legend has it that the Krampus, a sort of anti-Santa Claus, arrives in Austria’s western Tyrol region with a sack of coal, in search of mischievous children.Adornments can be a mediator between the self and the other, a catalyst in the interplay between the inner and outer world, the hinge point between self and other.

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(There are forums with more pics and such, but the forum design doesn't make research easy.) If you have questions about identifying an item you own, I'm happy to help, but please take the time to check out the site first to make sure the information isn't already waiting.

Fun and tradition filled, these village-like, yuletide street parties offer a range of amusements, from musicians to games to shopping.

Spending time at each provides a range of uniquely Austrian holiday experiences and ensures that visitors see several facets of this vibrant university town, which manages to balance its modern inclinations with its impressive history.

If all you want to know is how much your item is worth, I'm not likely to answer your question.

In addition to this page, the site includes numerous other research items. Anglicized and Germanic pronunciations of company names Started by Eduard Bay in 1933; note that it's not correct that Bay stopped art pottery production in 1971; some art production continued into the 1980s, including some striking works...some not so striking.

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